My Eminent 310u is sampled with Cubase 8.5 at 96 kHz and 24 bit stereo. With Strings Deluxe and basses I have sampled every note. With all the others I have sampled every 3 tone. This means that they are only drawn a half-tone to each side. There have been a few times I have had to re-record them, because I have not been satisfied.

The samples are edited and looped in Wavelab. I have tried to maintain the difference in dB’s in toners relative to each other. I think it helps to preserve the organ’s personality.

I also made setups for Cubase and Studio One Pro V3 to (try) get the famous Jarre sound.

But it is best is to use a Small Tone phaser to get the right sound.
The vst plugin that comes closest to the Small Stone phaser is Bigrock from Artsacoustic 

Recorded in Cubase 8.5

Edited in Wavelab 8.5

Halion 6

UVI Falcon